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…has been serving clients and referring experienced personnel for over thirty years. town & country is highly respected by many professionals and organizations that call on us for help in specialized situations.

Town & Country Companion and Nursing Agency, Inc. is a licensed employment agency/nurses' registry regulated by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. We are not a licensed home healthcare agency who becomes the employers of applicants referred for job opportunities, nor the provider (the employer who trains and supervises) of home healthcare services.

We examine all applicants’ documentation to confirm eligibility to work in the U.S. In addition to our reference check, we make copies available to you of all references and credentials. We urge you to check them thoroughly. You or your agent is fully responsible for payment of fees as outlined in this brochure. Persons we refer are never charged a fee.

The following information is offered only as a reference to assist you in seeking answers to various payment sources that might cover your costs. Since rules and requirements are subject to change, it is always best for you to check with the recognized authority.


Medicare will pay for limited home healthcare if medically needed, and must be provided by a Certified Home Healthcare Agency. t&c is not such an agency. Call the Medicare hotline at 800-638-6833 or visit their web site for further information at

Supplemental Help:

In some instances, you may wish to have, and pay privately for, additional services to supplement what Medicare provides you through a Certified Home HealthCare Agency. t&c licensed referral services can refer suitable people for your supplemental needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance:

If you have a long term care insurance policy, check to see if it will reimburse for workers referred by a licensed, nurses’ registry such as t&c. Even if a LTC policy restricts reimbursement, some insurance companies may make allowances for choices under an "out of policy " benefits provision or "alternative plan of care" provision, which permit use of a licensed nurses’ registry.

Medigap Insurance:

If you meet certain criteria, ("Medigap") Medicare supplemental insurance plans D, G, I & J have an "at-home recovery benefit" which allows you to engage a care provider referred by a licensed nurses’ registry such as town & country. Reimbursement is limited to $1,600 in a calendar year. For further information, call the toll-free Consumer Services Hotline, 800-342-3736, or the Office for the Aging, 800-333-4114.

Tax Deductions:

According to the 1997 tax laws, certain costs of your home care may be tax-deductible. Therefore it is important for you to check with your tax advisor to see how this may benefit you.

Fees, Replacement and Refund Policies

We receive a fee only if you engage a care-giver we refer to you

Long Term Fee (LTF):

A referral is considered long term if its duration is planned to exceed four months; in such case, a LTF is charged. Our LTF is the equivalent of four (4) weeks’ gross wages, which you pay the person referred to you by town & country. (One week’s gross wages x 4 = LTF) No deposit is required prior to placement. Our fee is due when the referral begins work, and must be paid within ten (10) business days after receipt of our invoice.

Temporary Fee (TF)

For short-term referrals planned for periods of less than four months, you will be charged 20% of each month’s gross wages. However, in the event that this referral lasts more than four months, it will be deemed a Long-Term referral and you will be charged the LTF after the fourth month, less credits for the temporary fees paid. LTF policies will apply. No deposit is required prior to referral. Our fee is due when the referral begins work and must be paid within ten (10) business days after receipt of our invoice.

Guarantee and Refund Policy

We guarantee replacement at no additional charge during the first six months. Should our referral not work out during the first six months and we are unable to find a satisfactory replacement, we will refund your LTF as follows: The LTF minus 20% of the total gross wages you paid the person referred to you by town & country.

Replacement Policy

If a replacement is made after the sixth month and through the twelfth month following our initial referral, town & country reserves the right to determine if any additional fee is due and what amount. We will discuss this with you at that time. If a replacement is made after the twelfth month and through the eighteenth month following our initial referral, town & country will charge a fee equal to two and one-half weeks’ gross wages. For replacements after eighteen months, following our initial referral, a full LTF will be charged.


Our fees are calculated on the gross salary paid to the referral set up at the time of placement. You are obligated to pay us an additional fee if the number of hours per day or days of service per week are increased.

  • Should the duration of any referral (long-term, part-time or temporary) increase, you will be billed for the additional time (days, or hours).

  • Should a temporary town & country referral lead to a full-time position, even if there has been a break in service, our LTF will apply.

  • Should you or your agent wish to engage a town & country temporary referral any time again, you or your agent must inform town & country. We will contact the referral and confirm availability.

In any of these events, it is always your obligation to inform town & country. We will make all necessary arrangements and any charges due town & country will be billed.